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Throughout the years, Texas City ISD has received numerous academic commendations from the Texas Education Agenc. All schools in Texas City ISD meet the standards set by TEA.
  • Demographics
    The student demographics of TCISD are:
    African American: 21%
    Hispanic: 42.4%

    White: 33.8%

    Native American: .9%

    Asian/Pacific Islander: .7%
    Economically Disadvantaged: 65.4%

    TCISD employs approximately 900 people.
Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR)
The Texas Education Agency annually issues individual Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR) for each campus and the District in December or January. After the February Public Hearing, those results are posted here
The link below takes you to the TAPR site for the Texas Education Agency website: Texas Academic Performance Report